Eine Kundin mit Langzeitgedächtnis

Hello Susanne –
Two years ago, July 2006, my friend Karl and I met with you for a tour of Potsdam. While watching a television program in the US called Visions of Germany – Bavaria, it prompted me to call my friend Karl, and we spoke of you. Karl and I reminisced about our fantastic trip to Germany, most particularly Potsdam and the wonderful tour you provided.

I wondered how you are doing, and even though it is two years later, the tour that you gave to me and Karl was absolutely the best I have ever experienced. You made it quite educational and fascinating with your knowledge of a rich history of such an important city.

So I wanted to take a moment to say thank you again for the superb sharing of your time, wealth of knowledge, and friendship. You are thought of in the highest regard, and will never forget our time together.
Warm regards,
Annie Amato
USA – Maryland