Who wants a dull tour guide?

Why is my job never boring?
Because I have such interesting guests!

Here are a few of them:

Billie Easton, University of Virginia

A walk through Park Sanssouci and a bus tour through Neubabelsberg and to the „Bridge of Spies“, booked by The Aspen Institut Deutschland
May 2017

„I was fortunate enough to have participated in the Aspen | Germany exchange during the week of May 7th. (…) Your tours were informative and lively.

What made the greatest impression on me was the story you told as we stood in front of the Villa Schöningen: how, one day as children, you and your brother walked towards the river (disobeying your mother) and saw, just above the wall, the West German flag waving from atop a sailboat, and then how you discovered years later that sailers deliberately sailed along the East German side of the river so that East Germans might catch a glimpse of the flag and remain hopeful.

Last week, four of us who had gone to Germany from Richmond, Virginia, had lunch together. Kelley, the other (and younger) woman in the Potsdam group also remembered your story.
Thank you so much for helping to make my visit to Germany memorable.“

Lisa Gordon from Boston, Massachusetts

City sightseeing tour by car, booked by teamWorx Television & Film for Noah and Lisa Gordon
August 2008

“Thank you, Susanne, for a thoroughly educational and entertaining tour. We learned more than we could have imagined about Potsdam and had a delightful afternoon in the process. Best, Lisa”

Annie from Maryland

City sightseeing tour with my car and a walk through Park Sanssouci
July 2006

“I arrived back in the USA tonight, and wanted to make sure I thanked you once again for your kindness to me and Karl on such a hot, humid day in Potsdam. Of all the things I did on this trip to Europe, yours was the most fascinating and enriching piece. I can’t really thank you enough. It is obvious you love what you do; and you do it well. I feel fortunate to have met you, and will never forget the time and depth you provided. I appreciate it so very much. Your city is beautiful.

For those who want to be adventurous in learning the train systems there, I will recommend your private tour. Everyone should learn more about Potsdam, and see for themselves just how the ‘old’ blends with the ‘new and modern’, which is necessary. Thank you again. You have enriched my life forever.”

An then, in October 2008, Annie wrote again:

“Two years ago, July 2006, my friend Karl and I met with you for a tour of Potsdam. While watching a television program in the US called ‘Visions of Germany – Bavaria’, it prompted me to call my friend Karl, and we spoke of you. Karl and I reminisced about our fantastic trip to Germany, most particularly Potsdam and the wonderful tour you provided.

I wondered how you are doing, and even though it is two years later, the tour that you gave to me and Karl was absolutely the best I have ever experienced. You made it quite educational and fascinating with your knowledge of a rich history of such an important city.

So I wanted to take a moment to say thank you again for the superb sharing of your time, wealth of knowledge, and friendship. You are thought of in the highest regard, and will never forget our time together.

Warm regards,

Connie from Andover, Minnesota

Bus tour and itinerary planning support
August 2007

“We want to thank you so much for all the work you have done on our behalf to make this day possible! You have done extra things and we are grateful we found you as a tour guide. Our day in Potsdam will be a great memory because of you.”

Law Offices Morton, Reed, Counts & Briggs, St. Joseph, Missouri 

Thank You Letter from Ronald Reed

Car tour and city walk through the historic center and Park Sanssouci.
May 2003

“Your knowledge of the history and culture of the city made it a truly memorable visit. Since we speak only English, it added greatly to our enjoyment to have the benefit of someone, like yourself, who is fluent in our language.”

Irmgard Coninx Stiftung

Bus tour – supporting program for a conference on Transnational Risks – Problems for New Politics
January 2004

A group of Dutch architects

Special tour of Schiffbauergasse
September 2004

“Just to tell you that all of us were very enthusiastic about your tour. The way you guided us to the Schiffbauergasse was marvellous. Laughs, serious, well known facts. Perfect. Wonderful. Once again: THANKS!”

Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) Berlin

Walking tour of the historic city center
June 2004