Hello Susanne,

I arrived back in the USA tonight (1 Aug), and wanted to make sure I thanked you once again for your kindness to me and Karl on such a hot, humid day in Potsdam. Of all the things I did on this trip to Europe, yours was the most fascinating and enriching piece. I can’t really thank you enough. It is obvious you love what you do; and you do it well. I feel fortunate to have met you, and will never forget the time and depth you provided. I appreciate it so very much. Your city is beautiful.

For those who want to be adventurous in learning the train systems there, I will recommend your private tour. Everyone should learn more about Potsdam, and see for themselves just how the ‚old‘ blends with the ’new and modern‘, which is necessary.

Thank you again. You have enriched my life forever.

Best regards,
Washington, DC, USA
(toured Potsdam 23 Jul 06)